INBAL CABIRI \\ Photographer

Who am I

Very nice, I’m Inbal Kabiri.
Food and design stills and video photographer, photography instructor and content creator on food and travel topics.
Lives in a small, green village near Barcelona.
If you had met me a few years ago,
it would probably have been in court, probably in Jerusalem.

Self Portrait

Photo editing workshop at Leitrum

3 online sessions // Lifetime access to class recordings // Facebook support group

November 2020 registration is in progress

My travel blog

For people who love design, art, food and beautiful scenery, in the places of the locals

Gift photo guide

Want to see the light? Really see it?
I wrote a guide to help you understand where the light is when you take pictures . What is the difference between rear light, side light, front light.
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מדריך צילום מתנה לראות את האור ענבל כבירי

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