About me

I’m 42  years old. Living with my spouse, our two boys (5, 9), and 5,427 Lego parts. Born and raised in Israel.

When I was a law student in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, I used to look at the Art students passing by to Bezalel (the Art Academy in the next building) thinking to myself ‘why am I not there?’. After ten years of practicing criminal law, this dream of being a photographer came true and I replaced the black and white lawyers uniform in a world full of color.

6 years ago ago I moved with my family to a small village in a forest near Barcelona.

My work

I write about food and travel for various newspapers and magazines. I run my travel blog in Hebrew and English.

I photograph food and design for restaurants, products, fashion, and home stylists.

I help people plan their trips to Spain.

One of my favorite places in Spain

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