Consulting and planning trips in northern Spain

Who is suitable for planning a trip to northern Spain?

  • For those who want to get to Barcelona / Pyrenees / Northern Spain
    For those who do not have time to start digging and searching for material on the Internet
    For one who knows that even if he searches, he probably will not find the equal places, of the locals
    For those who already have a plan and just want to make it from very good to excellent
    For those who less like to walk in routine and crowded places and prefer the places of the locals.
    For those who are coming to the area for the first time and are overwhelmed by the amount of information out there or for those who have already experienced, know and are looking for something different and exciting.
    For those who enjoy community content and the blog and are interested in more, because there is no chance in the world that I will be able to write about all the wonderful places I have on the list.

About me

Nice to meet you, I’m Inbal Cabiri.
Creates content in the field of food and travel.
Has lived in Spain for over four years.
A combination of two restless boys and many days off from school led us to plow the near and far surroundings on every possible holiday and almost every weekend.

The result – an endless reservoir of gems, hiking trails, lakes, streams, lookout points, picturesque towns, local cafes, restaurants of various kinds (and vegetarian friendly, because I’m like that).
You can read some of it on my blog and in the wiki and Christina community.
Unfortunately, the day is short of allowing me to write about all the places I have been to and which I highly recommend. You can get all this information from me.

התוצאה – מאגר אינסופי של נקודות חן, מסלולי הליכה, אגמים, נחלים, נקודות תצפית, עיירות ציוריות, בתי קפה של מקומיים, בתי אוכל מסוגים שונים (וידידותיים לצמחונים, כי אני כזו).
חלק ממנו תוכלו לקרוא בבלוג שלי ובקהילת ויקי וכריסטינה.
לצערי, היממה קצרה מלאפשר לי לכתוב על כל המקומות שהייתי בהם ושאני מאוד ממליצה עליהם. תוכלו לקבל את כל המידע הזה ממני.

What did people say about planning my trips to northern Spain?


How it works

Short and simple

A half-hour zoom call – advice, recommendations, tips, links to all the equal places I know
The call recording is sent to you

Cost – 55 euros

The whole thing

Overall planning for the trip, depending on your style, preferences, desires and dreams.
We will start with a questionnaire that I will send to you
We will continue with a general offer and end with a detailed route by days with links to orders of everything you need + a personal Google map of all the places
Cost – 65 euros per day trip
Due to congestion, by prior arrangement only

Terms and conditions

The consultation or planning does not include actual bookings, arrangements, cancellations, etc. You will get all the information and links you need to do this indirectly.

The advice does not include a guarantee for the quality of the service to be provided by any of the recommended places or that the places are open. I will make every effort to make sure everything goes well, but there are things that are not in my power.

Counseling does not include liability for anything related to limitations due to the corona epidemic. I will refer you to the relevant sources of information. You are responsible for checking that you have all the necessary documents to carry out the trip.

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