Photography Workshop for Beginners

Photography Workshop for Beginners

To whom

  • To those who just bought a camera that can be controlled manually (unsure about yours? Ask me) and are new to photography
  • To those who have been shooting for quite some time and want to take their photography skills to the next level
  • Business owners who need images for social media
  • And to anyone who wants a beautiful new picture for their living room or an amazing family photo album to be proud of

What will you learn?

  • How to get the right exposure – all the technical things you need to know
  • How to design memorable shots
  • How to edit major flaws to get even better results


Inbal, you have an excellent ability to simplify complex material, so that even those who do not know will be able to understand things easily. Well done!

Michal B.

Great workshop!
I am very satisfied with the workshop, the content, the way you teach and the connection with you.
Thanks for everything!

Saron C.

The workshop gave me a good understanding of the camera, an initial practical experience that allowed me to shoot on my own, aroused interest and curiosity, an excellent starting point to start developing from.

Naam V.


First we’ll have coffee. Tea. Hot Chocolate
We will get to know each other, the camera and the lens.
We will understand how to use the manual mode, what affects the exposure. What depth of field is and how to create it. How to use the light meter.
During the lesson, we will practice together and continue to practice at home as well.

Again, a hot drink. Or a cold one.
First of all we will refresh our memory and go over what we’ve learned in the previous lesson. We will share the photos we took at home (who did not do his homework ???) and we’ll get feedback.
We’ll talk about natural lighting – where it comes from, where it goes.
We will think together how to create interest in the picture, composition, colors and more.
We’ll get a home assignment.

Everything we have learned will be implemented in a joint tour that will combine food, street photography, buildings, portraits, art and a lot of happy atmospheres.

The location will be provided to participants.

We will drink, etc.
We will share the photos we took on the home assignment and the joint tour, and we will get feedback.
We’ll talk about editing photos, how you can make your photos even better, at home.
I will demonstrate editing in a selected image.


4 following Wednesdays starting in the middle of January 2019 –


Between 10:00-13:30


La Floresta
Participants will be given the exact address


Early birds – by 25.12.2018
190 euro

Full price – After 25.12.2018
225 euro


The workshop is designed for cameras that can be used manually. Parts of it are not relevant to mobile phone photography.
There might be a mobile phone workshop in the future. Subscribe to updates to be the first to hear about it.

Great question.
There are many options today.
I will be happy to advise you personally, after I understand your needs and the budget. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Of course! It’s a gift many people would be happy to get 🙂

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